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Only Passing Through
April 1, 2022
1. Everdark Mountain
2. I Can't Stay Here Anymore
3. Time Has a Way
4. Rock Paper Scissors
5. Much Ado

6. Only Passing Through

7. Said the Stranger
8. Here with You with Me
9. I'm Not Alright (bonus track)


10. Just Another Day at The Beach (bonus track)



Produced by John Boegehold

Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House,

Los Angeles, CA. Drums recorded at The Mouse House, except (9) recorded at Jimmy’s studio. Everything else recorded at home.


Ted Leonard - vocals and guitars

Jimmy Keegan - drums, percussion and vocals

Dave Meros - basses

John Boegehold - synths, programming, mellotron, assorted mandolins and guitars, electric sitar, charango and ronrocco, vihuela, autoharp and vocals



Beraud - backing vocals (4)

Chris Flynn - backing vocals (4)

Ivy Marie - backing vocals (8)

Izora - backing vocals (4)

Jenice Rosen - bassoon (6)

John Fumo - trumpet and flugelhorn (3)

Lindsay Willinger - backing vocals (9)

Molly Pasutti - backing vocals (4,8,10)

Patrick McNamara - synth (9)

Rini - violin (3,4)

Robin Tapp - backing vocals (4)

Stanley T Sichel - rhythm guitar (10)

Vesislava - cello (6)

Graphic design by Thomas Ewerhard 

Group photo by Kristina Bakrevsky

Individual photos by Mark Berry

Thanks to Thomas Waber, Nik Tschaikowsky and everyone at InsideOut Music; Thomas Mathieson and everyone at Reservoir Media Management, Stan Ausmus and Greg Walker.

Everdark Mountain
John Boegehold


Some lives are written in the stars

Mine was scribbled in the dust

Nature’s ink had been depleted

I’ve spent my days collecting scars

Dabbing paint to hide the rust

But it seems I’ve been defeated


Found the devil in my bones

Poisoning the fountain

From this moment I’ll walk alone

In the shadow of Everdark Mountain


My manifesto fooled the world

‘til the people found the light

In the words they once rejected

And in the chaos that unfurled

Ashes stoked would reignite

A result not unexpected


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.



I Can't Stay Here Anymore
John Boegehold


I can’t believe how much this place has changed

Seems I was ill-prepared

Different in ways not easy to explain

But truth be told I’m scared


I walked the streets electric

The night revealed

Crowds swarming disconnected

‘round exits sealed


This I know

I can’t stay here anymore


Amateur humans climb to reach the surface

Fallen so far from grace

Falling in line now that they’ve found a purpose

Running their final race


Sweet tones have turned to static 

My lucid dreams

Once lush and cinematic

Now ash and steam


She came to my door in the morning

Said what are we still doing here?

I told her we could leave this town today

I’m taking my dreams as a warning

My thoughts are quite focused and clear

I’ve got a plan to take us far away


This I know

I can’t stay here anymore


I’m booking a passage to Venus

By way of the moons of Mars

We’ll slip the grip of earth and drift away

No gravity coming between us

Our only distraction the stars

We’ll live our lives in orbit come what may


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Time Has a Way
John Boegehold


Cursed sky the frogs rain down

Through ghosts of those long in the ground

They’re haunting me

Some think that I think too much

A creeping paranoia fuels these sleepless dreams

And though it seems to most that I am sane


Praying better angels guide me

Safely through the maze of men

Whose ways I fear

Shadows cloak the chosen one

I’m fighting every urge to run and disappear

Fighting every urge to disappear


Time has a way of winding down the raging wars

While never changing course

Time has a way of wearing down the walls

And as it crawls

Time will always have the final say


An unwelcome stranger, he rode through the border towns

Hoping to find her again

She fed his obsessions and quickly was gone

She said she’d be back but she never said when


She shone like the sun streaming down through kaleidoscopes

Someone else captured her light

A dark cloud hangs over him constantly now

A voice from behind saying give up the fight


She doesn’t love here anymore, she doesn’t care


Here lies a fast gun who challenged a faster one

Listen, the gravedigger said

I fear you’re intending to send me more work

This town’s buried more than its share of the dead


Surely you know how the story is bound to go

It’s not a mystery to me

The lady’s not worth it it’s time to move on

You can’t change the past mister best let it be


Time has a way of unraveling threads

Then tying new knots with the thoughts in our heads


Time has a say in all we plan in life and all that matters


Time has a way of replacing the scars

Erasing the past, realigning the stars


Chasing the future and leaving today

Tomorrow is calling, it's not far away


Time has a way in the trenches of love

Of revealing the truth that no one speaks of


Time has a way through the seasons we live

Of blurring the reasons we need to forgive


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Rock Paper Scissors
John Boegehold & Molly Pasutti


London Bridge is falling down

Armies scattered underground

Children building bombs

Weapons drawn matches gasoline

Storming castles sticks and stones

Killing kings and seizing thrones

Waging little wars

Ancient scores settled on the screen 


Rock Paper Scissors

These were the ways of a restless youth

Rock Paper Scissors

Spinning in circles and searching for truth


Gather let the games begin

He who has the most toys wins

Broken rule remains

Royals reign revolution grows

Hide and seeking destiny 

Olly olly oxen free

Glory redefined

In the minds of the overthrown        

© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI) and Zoot Sutti Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Much Ado
Ted Leonard


Today I’m going to write about nothing

Cause that’s just what I want to feel

That’s right this song’s about nothing

Cause nothing’s better than what’s real


Today I’m going to sing about nothing

Cause that’s the only tune that resonates

A melody that goes nowhere

Does not depress or stimulate


Nothing could be better

Nothing could be divine

Nothing could be a welcome change cause

Nothing, no nothing’s gonna be fine


This song I write is for no one

Wasn’t even meant to be heard

It’s lucky I guess that no one’s listening cause

Nothing could be more absurd


Nothing is the matter

Nothing the matter at hand

Nothing would be a welcome change cause

Nothing, no nothing’s what I can stand


You say it’s much ado

That good things come to

Those who wait so I’m waiting

But nothing seems to be

Coming to me

It’s lucky I guess cause

That’s just what I need


I’m living here in this nothing

And nothing’s quite as it seems

But even nothing is something

Even if it’s just the space that’s in between


© 2022 Tish Lincoln's Allstar Hits (ASCAP)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Only Passing Through
John Boegehold


A grand December day

In ways no camera lens could capture

But then, no clouds to mute the skies

Unshielded eyes, a quiet fractured


Long rolling thunder claps

Like raptures past, we held together again

But in the aftermath, one left the path

This time forever, he said


If you look you’ll find me staring down the sun

Riding rainbows round the moon

As the clock’s unwinding each and every one of us

We’re only passing through


No tears no long goodbyes

No hero dies, the film continues

And when the perfect story’s told

The credits roll it should be over, he said


Everybody’s looking for the perfect high

To fade the past and face tomorrow

While life is rumbling quickly by

Everybody’s looking for the perfect high

To break the fall and ease the sorrow

And now it’s time to wonder why

Everybody look up, look up

Everybody wonder why


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Said The Stranger
John Boegehold


I closed my eyes so I might see

Beyond what is and what will be

While on the path to destiny

I passed a pilgrim on the way

A roaming seeker gone astray

He wished me peace in troubled days


Thunder in the gloaming rolling louder as

The absent clouds and rain reveal

A growing choir of tone-deaf broken souls

They sing familiar songs once sacred

Groaning voices melodies profane from

Dark and distant planes they rage out of control


Said the stranger

If you listen to the wind

You just might hear the sound of

Heaven’s orchestra begin

Said the stranger

Now the journey starts again

You will find the map within

Simply listen to the wind


The stranger said that when you’re dead

You’re never really gone

The stranger said that when you’re dead

Your soul still lingers on

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong

But truth be told I have my doubts

For now the flame of life burns strong

Until the day it flickers out


There’s a storm that’s coming


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Here with You With Me
John Boegehold


Let’s walk a while like so many times before

Down where the shore meets the morning

Message sent, awaiting your reply

Never waste the day away


Life has brought us to where we’re meant to be

Here with you with me


We both know That this rain will never last

Dark clouds will pass, soon it’s over

Heaven sent, a gift from gods on high

Never waste the day away


On a perfect day with you


Ablaze like fireflies

Reflections in your eyes

Reveal what we’ve been through

The wrongs we need to right

The darkness still to light

We’ve little left to prove


Living in the moment of a simpler time

Passion plays behind the curtain

Poetry in motion didn’t always rhyme

But we all were certain

Time is like a train but maybe then it’s not

Either way it’s left the station

Jesus punching tickets as our rails ran hot

Toward our destination


No we didn’t need a carpet

Cause we didn’t have a floor

And we didn’t need a lock

Cause we didn’t have a door

Yes we had so very little

But we could not ask for more


Creeping like a ninja never far behind

Running deep and undetected

Keeping to the script of what it had in mind

Fate came unexpected                    

Life is a parade except for when it’s not

Some will lead but most will follow

And a few stand still ‘til they all get caught

Bitter pills to swallow


Always I will remember these moments always

Truly I’ll always treasure these days with you


True hearts now and ever after

True hearts beating fast and faster

Here with you with me together

One forever here with you


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

I'm Not Alright
Ted Leonard


They couldn’t wrap it up in a box

Or place a pretty bow on top

I just never fit in that nutshell

I just slowed down when the sign said stop


But your nutshell’s cracked and your reasoning lacks

And your judgement serves to divide me

And your well intent are efforts not well-spent

And your questions suicide me


No, I’m not alright so stop guessing

No, I’m not alright so stop pressing

No, I’m not alright so stop asking

I don’t want to talk it out and I don’t want to fight

I’m not alright


I never started here before

I never slammed such an open door

I never wanted to hurt those around me

But I never wanted anything more


Now these desperate times

Translate to desperate lines

And the desperation fills me

And I’m swerving to stay

Inside these lines I made

Before the desperation kills me


It’s awfully quiet ‘round here these days

No one’s got anything left to say

They tried to fit it all in a nutshell

They tried to wish it all away


© 2022 Tish Lincoln's Allstar Hits (ASCAP)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

Just Another Day at The Beach
John Boegehold & Stanley T Sichel


I woke up this morning in an empty place

And through the haze

Looked outside and didn’t see your car

You might think I’m calling now to work things out

Been down that route

This time I don’t want to go that far 


So I walked down to the pier
Where the kites and seagulls fly
While surfers, girls with dogs and boats go by
And that sun-burnt preaching man
With the sign he’s held for years

Sinners seek redemption
We both know the end is near


Just another day at the beach      

Just another day without you within reach   

It’s clear as glass to see when you’re not here with me  

It’s just another day at the beach   


Two kids carving castles using only sand

They got no plan

They don’t see the waves ‘til it’s too late

Just like you and me we built our crazy dreams

From sand it seems

Castles made to fall and wash away


There’s a man who’s too far out   

He’s been swept up by the tide   

And someone’s swimming out to save that guy  

But when it comes to love 

We’re all on our own  

Swimming, treading water or going down another time  


© 2022 Brainforest Music (BMI) and Haley's Comet Music (BMI)

All rights administered worldwide by

Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

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