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Pattern-Seeking Animals
July 5, 2019
1. No Burden Left to Carry
2. The Same Mistakes Again
3. Orphans of The Universe
4. No One Ever Died and Made Me King
5. Fall Away
6. These Are My Things
7. We Write The Ghost Stories
8. No Land's Man
9. Stars Along the Way

Produced by John Boegehold

Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House,

Los Angeles, CA. Drums recorded at The Mouse House.


John Boegehold - Synths, programming, acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, vocals

Ted Leonard - Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars

Jimmy Keegan - Drums and vocals

Dave Meros - Basses



Breana Marin - backing vocals (Fall Away)

Vesislava - cello (Fall Away) 

Andrew Capra - backing vocals (We Write the Ghost Stories)  

Chris Willows & Hunter Groth - backing vocals (Stars Along the Way)


Strings by:

Clockwork Sessions, Glasgow, Scotland (The Same Mistakes Again)

24 Violins. Jonas Petersen - violin & viola, Michelle Packman - cello (We Write the Ghost Stories)

Graphic design by Thomas Ewerhard 

Photos by Mark Berry

Thanks to Thomas Waber, Stefan Franke & everyone at InsideOut Music; Thomas Mathieson & everyone at Reservoir Media Management, Robert & Julie Rhine and all incarnations of Spock’s Beard.

No Burden Left to Carry
John Boegehold

I didn’t know the man who spoke to me
He wove a golden story
A silken web of myth and mystery
In laggard days before he found forever  

He traveled rail and road from town to town
Across the fields and prairies
With songs of open souls at last unbound          
No burden left to carry

And the truth that he told we could not ignore
Few were blind to the rhyme of his reasons  
Cause he knew what the last act held in store
And the bells rang down through the seasons

Sifting through the ashes for a map back to the flame
Destination inward bound’s a journey just the same
So when you get to where you go just maybe you’ll recall

There’s no burden left to carry
No cross to bear
No secrets buried away

Memories of moments past that never will return
Once the bullet leaves the gun once the circuits burn
The hands of fate may not be there to catch you when you fall
Cause after all even after all

I awoke from the drama of my dreams under once quiet skies
Life is never quite as it seems and I wonder why

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI)

The Same Mistakes Again
John Boegehold

On the night she left he burned within
Swore that he would never make the same mistakes again
Her gift of one last chance like stardust slipped his grasping hands

And as his world kept turning day-to-day
He finally heard the words of those who said he shouldn’t stay
He knew he must let go or perish in the undertow  

They told him don’t look back you’ll turn to stone
With open eyes fixed straight ahead he charted the unknown
A lost soul found his way
A miracle he’s here today

Planned the final leap of faith and then
Praying he would never make the same mistakes again
He rose and stood before the sky the stars the open door

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI).

Orphans of The Universe
John Boegehold

Well I could be wrong but I can’t shake the feeling that the answer’s out there
But it’s been too long waiting for a message from a savior somewhere

Here we are
The orphans of the universe  
Drowning in a drop of water putting faith in sons and daughters  
Here we are
No peace upon the earth
Generations fall behind us while the future burns inside us

So we must stay strong inching ever closer to a chain reaction
As the wars rage on fearing one another with a blazing passion

Everyone here look straight ahead
And just be glad you’re not stone dead
No broken bones, no shrunken heads
Now kneel down to the throne
We don’t care about your name
We don’t care from where you came
We just know you share the blame
For all that’s happened here
Vengeance said the lord is mine
But we have different plans

Here we are back once again
The joke’s on us I can’t pretend
That this won’t finally be the end
Of skies forever clear and all we all hold dear

There’s nowhere left for you to run
Your future here has just begun
The biting cold, the bitter sun
Your every move controlled
There were others just like you
Thought that they would make it through
The gauntlet of the warriors
Who are wired to defend
King and country conquered lands
And words from God above

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI)

No One Ever Died and Made Me King
John Boegehold & Dave Meros

I am a cold and drowning man
Living like a whisper in my skin                       
Skating on the surface of God’s master plan
Waiting for my real life to begin

I traveled round the world and tried a hundred different things
Hoping to find heaven but the angels never sing

No one ever died and made me king

I am a quietly burning man
Searching for a way to quench my thirst                       
Praying that a cool rain falls upon the land
Waiting for the gathered clouds to burst

I’m painted in a corner and wound up like a spring
Everything I’ve gained in life it doesn’t mean a thing

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI) and Publish This Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI).

Fall Away
John Boegehold

We wished upon a rising star that must have flickered out
The home we built together now is just an empty house
I can’t write our story with a happy ending
No use in pretending as we watch our love

Fall away
Far away
Drifting with the last leaves
In an autumn rain
Fall away
Swept away
Fading love and lost hope
Hearts break slowly change
Then fall away

Forgotten pictures in a drawer, I found them all last night
Then spread our memories on a cold floor     
Captured souls in black and white
I can’t turn the pages back to our beginning
Stop the world from spinning never feel our love  
Orphaned hearts smoldering forever
Leaving words live to burn again

Gray replaced the colors of the earth and sky
Watching my reflection disappearing from your eyes
I don’t know how or when but the day will come where I won’t cry
And I will learn to fly again

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI).

These Are My Things
John Boegehold

Welcome! You’ll notice the moment you walk through my door   
Stacked to the ceiling in boxes and bags on the floor   
45’s, geisha knives, Look, Life and Time magazines   
Coke bottles, model trains, porcelain pig figurines   

I have found the rarest ones made   
Worth every penny that I gladly paid   
So very impressive I’d think you’d agree   
I can’t explain the joy they bring     

Look all around you now what do you see     
A gradually growing museum of me    
Built with these hands my castle of dreams and I’m the king   
These are my things    

Here in the living room right where the couch used to be   
Lost in Space lunch boxes lined up in rows perfectly   
Kay guitars, lobby cards, snow globes and toys on display  
Beta tapes, license plates, Crayon-Shin-Chan anime    

Have you seen this episode here   
It’s considered the best of the genre that year   
Yes it’s a language I don’t really speak  
Still genius work considering

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI).

We Write the Ghost Stories
John Boegehold

Unbroken horses are scattering
Out past the fences they’re circling
Gathering forces and dashing our hopes
So go the ways of our useless ropes

Searching the sacraments
These were no accidents
Every soul in town was drowning
Empty of empathy
Unfinished sympathy
We write the ghost stories as we go

Unbroken horses won’t share the blame
It’s all but over they’ve rigged the game
Best not to follow down to the sea
They’ve primed the bridges with gasoline

These aren’t the glory days
This isn’t nature’s way
Covered all in dust and rusted
Dreams hold the evidence
Angels are causing this
We write the ghost stories as we go

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI).

No Land’s Man
John Boegehold & Ted Leonard

I see there’s bedlam in the streets my friend and I’m watching from my seat again
The world’s on fire and someone fanned it
An arsonist un-reprimanded
It’s getting harder to remember when there was harbor in the truth but then
Rules all changed the rage expanded like someone pulling strings had planned it

When challenged to confront I must confide

I’d sometimes rather find a place to hide

I'm watching slighted truth and sleight of hand slightly hard to understand

Only right if it appeases your ears
Only fight if it displeases your peers
I’m surprised anyone can stand it

But pretty sure it’s the way they planned it
Die on the hill where someone led you
Die on the words that someone read you
Buy the lie the way they canned it
Buy the plan the way they planned it

I would never dream to take a side
I would rather find a place to hide

I'm watching slighted truth and sleight of hand slightly hard to understand
Air no grievance, take your stand
Swear Allegiance
No Land’s Man

I don't see a reason
It's not treason not to take a side
Part of me is pleased to be the one who can enjoy the ride
I’m awake, I’m aware

We the people and the steeple
I’m aware of who I am
We the prophets, you the profits
I'm aware of where I stand
I'm awake, I'm aware

Take all things in moderation
I just take them all in stride
Take them in and be offended
I’ll keep reeling at the line

I see no reason to decide
At least I’ve got nothing to hide

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI) & Tish Lincoln’s Allstar Hits (ASCAP).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI) and Reservoir Media Music (ASCAP)


Stars Along the Way
John Boegehold & Dave Meros

Some who slow to look might see her face within the crowd
Shrouded, bowing quietly she prays
Moving silent as the mist through birds and muffled bells
Fortunes told for all who choose to stay

And she will whisper as you go there’s something you must know

The stars along the way will guide you
They’ll shine on through your days

Called beyond the farthest reaches scattered on the wind
Cast out on the land so long ago
Shattered lives like puzzle pieces cursed by god again
She told me as I turned toward the road

Imagine how the world could be If only you would only see

The stars along the way will guide you home
They’ll shine down through your days, not blind you
The stars along the way will guide you home
They’ll shine down through your days

Abandoned strangers lost in futures never planned
Long past the point of no return
Sold maps to heaven only angels understand
Tossed on the fire they watch them burn

So you walked to the well just to find it dry
You could not drink so you passed it by
But you didn’t understand so you asked god why you’re here
Then you fell to the bottom from your perch at the top
And you found yourself on the chopping block
With your hands bound tight and your head bowed in the rain

© 2019 Brainforest Music (BMI) and Publish This Music (BMI).
All rights administered worldwide by Reservoir 416 (BMI).


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